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We provide speakers / trainers who can appear for everything from just for one hour, to month-long training programs. Listening to an interesting, knowledgeable and often humorous speaker is always appreciated. This is something which people remember afterwards, and by which people are inspired. A clever speaker lends special weight to the message you want to put forward and reinforces it, regardless of whether the people listening are your customers or your staff.

Speakers for all occasions

Talarforum can find speakers for lots of different occasions. These may include customer activities, debates, anniversaries, management group meetings, managerial seminars, internal conferences, general meetings, sales meetings, kick-offs or product launches. External knowledge provides new opportunities in a number of different situations. Feel free to ask us for advice.

Speakers for all topics

We provide the most diverse types of speakers, from professors, consultants, managers, experts and public debaters to sports stars. Our list of various areas of specialization goes on and on: team development, leadership, marketing, organizational changes, personal development, keep-fit, the future and the world about us, IT, ethics and morality, equality of the sexes, our environment, and so on and so on.

Speakers who speak your language

Talarforum is constantly picking up on new, exciting trends in society and establishes contact with speakers in these areas, which means that we can practically always provide you with the right speaker, whatever your topic. Often, we can help you to put together complete programmes for events, find the right moderator and provide you with advice on entertainment.

Talarforum represents more than 7 000 speakers in Scandinavia, and we work with similar companies world-wide in order to be able to book an even greater number of renowned international speakers and celebrities.

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